• Big T and Little T Trauma–It’s Everywhere

    fatigued-womanThis past weekend I was blessed to have brunch with four of my former students. We’ve remained close for more than twenty years.

    As conversation progressed, it became obvious that each one of them had a relationship with trauma and PTSD through their painful life experiences.

    ALL of us experience events that overwhelm our ability to cope. 

    The unexpected death of a loved one.

    A devastating diagnosis.

    Life-altering betrayal and abandonment.

    And sometimes, traumas that make us fear for our very lives or the lives of those we love.

    When the time was right, I explained how trauma affects the brain, how experiences become “trapped,” and how trauma treatment differs from counseling.


    Because the truth about trauma and PTSD help us feel known and understood.

    The truth about trauma helps us know we are not alone and there are reasons for our symptoms.

    If you believe you or someone you love may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, seek a qualified trauma specialist. Adult symptoms may include depression, suicidal thoughts, isolation, self-abuse, loss of interest in things the person once enjoyed, avoidance, dissociation, anger/rage, eating disorders, addictions, OCD, hoarding, and other behaviors.

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