• Broken Places: A View from the Other Side, Part 5 of 5

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    Another email came today. The 6th this week from someone who suffered from a lifetime of PTSD symptoms. Then they found life-changing treatment in the five- to ten-day outpatient program at Intensive Trauma Therapy.

    Someone who heard Wanda Sanchez’s story on a radio show, online, at a seminar, or at a professional training session.

    You see, Wanda went from hopeless to hope-carrier.

    Because she had the faith to hang on to someone else’s hope. We often tell people we’re just two chicks with a story—but it’s a pretty incredible story.

    Not quite three years ago, Wanda was hanging onto life by her fingernails. She didn’t know she had PTSD, and she really didn’t care. She was ready to check out and die.

    But God had a different plan, and he wasn’t about to let go of her.

    He arranged every impossible detail for her to go for two weeks of trauma treatment that changed her life.

    On day three, her rage, nightmares, and flashbacks disappeared.

    Obsessive-compulsive behaviors became manageable.

    Addictive and self-abusive behaviors became choices, rather than compulsions.

    Intensive Trauma Therapy gave Wanda’s life back. I know. She didn’t believe it was possible, but she trusted me when I told her ITT could do what no other treatment she had tried could do.

    Wanda took the first step. She talked about her struggles. Then she went for help.

    Today–less than three years later–Wanda and I speak and consult on post-traumatic stress disorder across the nation. We explain how PTSD feels, how it affects child development, and how friends, family, employers, and others can better understand those with PTSD.

    But the most important thing we do is tell hopeless people that there is hope.

    If you’re struggling with the symptoms of PTSD, take the first step. Talk to someone who understands–a friend, a professional, or get connected online. Take a step toward healing.

    There is HOPE.


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