• Children, PTSD, and Play Therapy


    A recent report out of Singapore discusses the use of play therapy for the treatment of PTSD in children.

    Play therapy has been regarded as one effective means of helping children recover from traumatic experiences.

    In a recent Korean double murder case, a child who was the son of a victim drew pictures in memory of father and grandfather, and those pictures were then sealed in their coffins.

    The drawing may seem casual, but it’s actually a form of play therapy. Using play therapy, children get to release their emotions through art or playing with sand and toys.Through play, children can reconnect with and face memories they don’t want to remember.

    Therapists say using toys and other play-related tools are effective in helping children express themselves when they may not be able to express themselves with words.

    Play therapy has been found to be an effective means of helping children deal with anxiety, nightmares, and flashbacks following natural disasters according to an article titled Child’s Terror and Play by Rebecca A. Schneider. Play therapy brings a sense of empowerment back to children and helps in the healing process.

    Play therapy also helps coordinate right and left brain activity that often becomes blocked during trauma and helps the brain reprocess memories with a beginning, middle, and end.

    If your child has experienced trauma and is showing anxiety, fear, sleeplessness, hyper-vigilance, zoning out, personality changes, or age-regressive behavior,  consult your physician. Children who receive early intervention for trauma demonstrate great resilience in recovery.




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