• Free eBook: The Truth about Trauma


    Over the past year or so, my colleague and friend Wanda and I have  been asked to speak for child advocacy organizations, to medical and mental health professionals, to those who work with trafficked women and children, to abused women and leaders in churches and faith settings, to women and juveniles in prisons, and to families in their homes about the complex and often misunderstood issues of abuse and trauma.

    While Wanda and I are not mental health or medical professionals, we under stand the issue of trauma from the inside-out, and we are able to provide personal narrative and information that unlocks understanding and dialogue on the issue of trauma.

    As part of our passion to bring greater understanding to the issue of trauma, we have written an eBook that provides an overview of the basic issues related to trauma and PTSD. We’re delighted to offer it free.

    If you know a friend, loved one, or organization that could benefit from greater understanding on the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder and how to offer hope and healing to those who struggle, please point them in our direction. We’d love to help.

    Simply go to the bottom of our home page on PTSDPerspectives.org and click on The Truth about Trauma and follow the prompts.

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