• June is PTSD Awareness Month

    PTSD Shield Pin

    During PTSD Awareness Month this June, PTSD Foundation of America is launching a nationwide campaign to discuss PTSD’s impact on veterans.

    The PTSD Foundation of America exists to combat post-traumatic stress by bringing healing to military communities, raise awareness of the increasing needs of the military community, and to network through government agencies, service organizations, churches and private sector businesses.

    It’s estimated that Americans lose one veteran approximately every hour to PTSD.

    Over twenty percent of veterans returning home from Afghanistan have been diagnosed with PTSD, and the epidemic is growing. PTSD impacts not only veterans, but their families, friends, and communities.

    “Educating the public about PTSD is our primary mission. We not only want to stop the stigma about PTSD, but also instill a sense of pride in those struggling, as we believe that those veterans should be treated with the utmost respect.  Finding the right mentors and tools to help change their lives is paramount.” David Maulsby, Executive Director/ PTSD Foundation of America

    In honor of PTSD Awareness Month, PTSD Foundation of America/Camp Hope has created a special “PTSD SHIELD PIN” to build nation-wide platform of discussion.

    Significant Points of Symbolism:
    (1) FIVE STARS representing the 5 branches of military
    (2) CROSS in middle of shield/ In God we Trust
    (3) STARS/STRIPES for USA Flag
    (4) SHIELD symbolizes protection “for our vets”

    Camp Hope

    PTSD Foundation of America is a non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring our veterans and their families with military related PTSD.  Currently, we have over 14 Chapters across the United States to help counsel veterans through their challenging times. Camp Hope, an extension of PTSD Foundation of America provides interim housing along with peer to peer combat warrior counseling with an on-site campus based in Houston, Texas.  For additional information, please visit their website at www.ptsdusa.org.

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