• Steven Spielberg Signs On for PTSD Drama

    Soldier at warWith increasing numbers of soldiers returning from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hollywood is producing more stories that capture the struggles of those with post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2009, war reporter David Finkel won acclaim for and numerous writing honors for his memoir The Good Soldiers, about his experiences being embedded in a battalion of American soldiers in Baghdad. This fall his follow-up, Thank You for Your Service, is scheduled for release. DreamWorks has already attained rights to the film, and Steven Spielberg has already signed on to be involved in the project.

    A few weeks ago, news came out that another PTSD-related drama is coming out. Tom Hardy will produce and star in the feature Samarkand.

    There is no word currently on when either of these projects will go into production.

    What seems to be clear is that war-related PTSD is gaining visibility in the media. We can hope that as understanding increases about PTSD in general, that we will make strides in creating avenues of communication and understanding for those who suffer with PTSD due to its many underlying causes.

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