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    TheTruthaboutTrauma2I didn’t know much about trauma or PTSD until I met my best friend Wanda about five years ago.

    Like most people, I thought PTSD was a mental health problem mostly occurring among returning military members. 

    I was wrong.

    I had no idea that people in large urban centers suffer from PTSD at higher percentages than military returning from war zones.

    I had no idea that women who’ve suffered pre-birth child loss often suffer from PTSD and never even know it.

    The individual becomes trapped by that event and the coping mechanisms the brain and body turn to to help the person attempt to escape their fears. 

    The person who experiences PTSD often feels confused and tormented, but their symptoms and actions make sense. And effective treatments are available.

    After my friend Wanda received life-changing treatment for her PTSD, our goal became to tell as many people as possible the truth about PTSD and why there is hope for healing. Our mission is to help organizations and individuals understand the critical need for trauma-informed care and to raise understanding regarding brain illness and mental health.

    Someone you know needs the vital information in our FREE Ebook The Truth about Trauma. This informative book can be downloaded for free at PTSDPerspectives.org. It contains basic information about PTSD, symptoms and causes, as well as suggestions for how friends and family can help their loved ones.

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