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Does your medical, mental health, or professional community serve the ever-growing population of people suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? According to the Sidran Institute, an estimated 8% of the U.S. general population suffers from PTSD at any given time. In inner-city or economically-challenged populations, that number skyrockets.

Do you work with children within counseling, adoption, foster-care, law-enforcement, or faith communities and are looking for relevant and dynamic continuing education opportunities that will help you better understand those who have been abused?

PTSD Perspectives offers continuing education credit, as well as educational seminars and inspirational presentations for those within the following fields:


Mental Health

Social Work

Foster Care

Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Child Advocacy

Education, in a variety of settings from high school to graduate studies in mental health, counseling, and other caring professions

Law Enforcement, including the legal profession and those working within the prison system

Single-session presentations to multi-session seminars can be tailored to the needs of your organization.


“Rarely is the complex issue of PTSD presented in a format that makes the information as easy to assimilate and the skills ready-made to implement as the PTSD presentation by Wanda Sanchez and Shelly Beach. Their presentation is succinct, well researched and practical. The passion and experience they bring to this important topic enables people-helpers in all fields to effectively diagnose and treat those with PTSD who can then go on to enjoy healthy relationships and live productive lives.”

Sam Beals, retired CEO of Samaritas
Michigan’s largest faith-based foster care and adoption organization, providing family preservation programs, Substance Use Disorder services, refugee services, senior care and living communities.

“Wanda Sanchez and Shelly Beach tell a story of healing from PTSD that is seldom heard. They provide a blend of both personal story and clinical information that brings insight to the issue of post-traumatic stress disorder. Anyone who works in the business of caring for hurting people would greatly benefit from hearing their presentation.”

Andy Soper, Former Director
The Manasseh Project for Trafficked Children

“Excellent presentations. We wish we’d had more time with Shelly and Wanda. We’d love to have them come back and expand on the information they presented.”

Julianne Paulsen, Former Public Affairs Director
Virginia Regional Medical Center

“Just a word of thanks…I’m hearing wonderful reviews of Shelly and Wanda’s presentation here from participants, and staff has been talking about the great program. Thank you.”

Galen Bremmer, Former Community Services Director
Madison, Indiana, Juvenile Correctional Facility

“Shelly and Wanda speak with candor, humility and love for the pain of others as they bring a powerful message of hope and inspiration. They inspire action and personal responsibility that move listeners toward the redeeming and transforming power of Jesus. Their life-changing message needs to be heard again and again!”

Maria Keckler, Marriage and Family Leader, Shadow Mountain Church
Publisher, Vineworks

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